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Marketing integration guide

1. Campaign promotion

Advices for your Promogaming campaign promotion

3 articles

2. Type of game

Introduction to the types of games that can be displayed on your website

2 articles

3. Campaign-related pages

Introduction to the different pages associated with your campaign

3 articles

4. Marketing emails

Introduction to the different emails associated with your campaign

2 articles

5. Summary

List of all elements to provide in order to launch your campaign

1 article

Technical integration guide

1. Solution overview

Integration description, technologies used, user experience

3 articles

2. Plugin integration

Summary of the Integration process, integration methods

2 articles

3. Data to be sent

All the data that you will need to send us to set up your campaign

1 article

4. Technical summary

Listing of all technical tasks that you will need to go through

2 articles

5. Offline campaign

Offline campaign operation and implementation information.

2 articles